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Olive trees typically live for hundreds of years. Many olive tress were found to be about 2000 years old or older. Olive trees are very hardy and drought resistant. They are also disease and fire resistant. Olive trees were origianlly wild trees but then they were domesticated around the eastern Mediterranean Sea basin. It can also be found in other countrier bordering this region and in the US and Australia. 
More information about this topic in the blog "How old is your Olives?"

In the United States, five major varieties are grown which are: Manzanillo, Sevillano (also called Sicilian), Mission, Ascolano, and Barouni. The Mission variety is grown exclusively in California and it originated from the first olive trees planted by the Spanish monks. More information about olive varieties in the blog: "What kind of Olives?"

For Sofia's Selection gourmet olives we use the green Sevillano (also know as Sicilian) and the black Mission varieties packed in 8 oz glass jars that are packed by hand and labled with all the facts that required to give usful information for our clients. For the tapenades, we use the same marinated black Mission olives and chopped and mix it with four kinds of roasted vegetables

Our  gourmetolives and tapenades are ready to eat out of the jar as a snack or they can be used as a garnish, in salads with other vegetables, eaten with crackers, or add them to your pizza. Cook them with pasta, fish or chicken or add them to your steak after grilling. We'll send you any recipe you ask for. You can download recips here
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Green olive salad
Made of green olives with tomatos, onion with oregano, olive oil and lemon juice
Olive meatballs
Made of black olive tapenade with meatballs 
Penne Pasta with Black Olive Tapenade
          Tapenade Pissaladeire