Sofia's Selection 
             Gourmet Olives and Tapenades
Hand crafted in small batches
Phone: 248-690-6601
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Sofia's Selection gourmet olives and tapenades are available at many gourmet  and speciality food stores in Michigan

Metro Detroit Area:
    Whole Foods Market - Detroit Midtown
    Whole Foods Market - Rochester Hills
    Whole Foods Market - West Bloomfield
    Whole Foods Market - Troy
    Westborn Market - Berkley
    Westborn Market - Livonia
    Westborn Market - Dearborn
    Busch's Fresh Food Market - Rochester Hills
    Busch's Fresh Food Market - Plymouth
    Busch's Fresh Food Market - Farmington Hills
    Busch's Fresh Food Market - Livonia
    Busch's Fresh Food Market - South Lyon
    Basket Kreations - Plymouth
    DeVries Cheese - Detroit Eastern Market
    Rudy's Market - Clarkston
    Nieman's Family Market - Clarkston
    Market Basket - Franklin
    Market Fresh - Beverly Hills
    Holiday Market - Royal Oak
    Licavoli's Market - Grosse Pointe
    Woods Wholesale Wine - Grosse Pointe

Ann Arbor:
    Whole Foods Market - Cranbrook
    Whole Foods Market - Washtenwaw Rd
    Busch's Fresh Food Market - Green Rd
    Busch's Fresh Food Market - S. Main Rd

    Busch's Fresh Food Market - Dexter - Ann Arbor Rd

    Busch's Fresh Food Market - E. Michigan Ave.

    Simply Fresh Market
    Main Street Cheese Market

    Heart of Michigan
    Jonna's Market

Greater Lansing Area
    Monticello's Market and Butcher Block - Haslett
    Dusty's Cellar - Okemos
    Mert's Specialty Meats - Okemos
    Old Town General Store - Lansing
    Merindorf Meats - Williamston
    Food for Living - East Lansing
    Horrock's - Lansing

Grand Rapids Area:
    Sobie Meats - Walker
    Mediterranean Island International Foods - Grand Rapids
    Art of the Table - Grand Rapids
    Kingma's - Grand Rapids
    Creston Market - Grand Rapids
    Under the Vine - Grand Rapids
    The Cheese Lady - Grand Rapids
    Peters Gourmet Market - Grandville

Kalamazoo Area:
    Tiffany's Wine and Spirits - Kalamazoo
    Sawall Health Foods- Kalamazoo
    Beer & Skittles - Richland
    Kalamazoo People's Co-Op - Kalamazoo

Mid Michigan:
    Uncle John Cider Mille - St. John
    Prime Cuts - Jackson
    Tom's Meat - Hastings
    Main Street Treasurs - Flushing
    The Local Grocer - Flint
    Oliver T's Market - Grand Blanc

Michigan Up North:
     Glenwood Market - Manistee