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Olive Tapenade with Roasted Garlic
Olive Tapenade with Roasted Red Pepper
Olive Tapenade with Roasted Vidalia Onio
Olive Tapenade with Roasted Serrano Pepp

Introducing Sofia’s Selection Handcrafted Olive Tapenades, a perfect addition to bringing extra flavor to your favorite meals. Whether you want to add something new to your favorite pasta dish, or you’re looking for a new style of dip to enjoy snacks such as cheeses and cured meats, then Sofia’s Selection Olive Tapenades is just what you’ve been looking for. Those Tapenades are much lower in salt content than other tapenades on the market, and they are gluten free, too! Each jar comes with a safety seal on the lid to make sure that each Tapenade is fresh for you to enjoy. Sofia’s Selection products are handcrafted in small batches and are shelf stable with a 12-month shelf life. Each of Sofia’s Selection Black Olive Tapenade is hand made and packed here in the USA. Flavors Include Roasted Garlic, Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Sweet Onion, and Roasted Serrano Pepper

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