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Our company, Sofia Foods, LLC, was formed in 2007 to bring our recipes and make our hobby available to more people. Production started in February 2012 in our own facility in Warren, MI,  and moved to a new facility in the historic Eastern Market district in Detroit, mi. we started Sales and Marketing in June 2012. Even though we are a new company, our product has been approved to be carried at Whole Foods Market in Michigan. We are also available in other specialty and gourmet supermarkets throughout the Metro Detroit area and across Michigan.

All our products are marketed under Sofia's Selection brand and we currently sell our line of olive tapenade. olive tapenade is finely chopped olives that are mixed with other types of foods, like capers. our 4 olive tapenades flavors are mixed with roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, roasted Vidalia onions, and roasted serrano pepper which is a spicy kind of peppers

Sofia’s Selection is dedicated to making high-quality gourmet olive tapenades. Our specialty olives and tapenades are marinated in a special blend of vinegar, garlic, sugar, salt, and unique spice blend to give them their distinct flavors. All our products have savory and spicy flavor profile but have less salt than all olives products in the market.

All our olive tapenades are handcrafted in small batches and hand packed in a company owned facility to assure excellent quality control and continuous flavor monitoring. Our production facility is located in Detroit, MI.

Our company is environmentally friendly and encourages a healthy lifestyle for all employees and people associated with this business. This is done by minimizing waste and utilizing green and sustainable technology. We use environmentally conscious suppliers and processes.


All employees work in healthy and clean work conditions to reflect the company position on the environment and employee satisfaction. Also, by working with growers and other food producers, the company will be contributing to the local economy and improve the quality of life of its employees and clients.

SofiasSelection - Roasted Garlic olive T
SofiasSelection - Roasted Red Pepper oli
SofiasSelection - Roasted Sweet Onion ol
SofiasSelection - Roasted Serrano Pepper
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